Low Carb Pizza Rolls


  • Low Cârb Pizzâ Dough- see post for detâils. One pizzâ dough âs mâde in the recipe.
  •  Provolone cân sub in Mozzârellâ Cheese Slices- slices (versus shredded) work best âs we will be rolling the dough. - 10-12 Slices. 
  • Lowest Cârb Sâuce thât you cân find- see post for detâils- 1 cup.
  •  Sliced Meât such âs pepperoni or sâlâmi- 10-12 slices if lârge otherwise, âs needed to cover pizzâ dough. 
  • Veggies- 1 cup if desired. Be sure to use low cârb vegetâbles.
  •  This works best if you âre not using meât âs using both mây mâke the pizzâ too thick mây mâke it difficult to roll.
  •  âdditionâl cheese thât is shredded or grâted such âs Pârmesân Itâliân Blend or Mozzârellâ- 1/2 cup.
    Low Carb Pizza Rolls

Get full recipe >> https://thesugarfreediva.com/low-carb-pizza-rolls/

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